Mediterranean Mosaics

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The Artist - Valerie Mash


Valerie's love and talent for art began in the United Kingdom, in her school days.  In 1994, she took a course in mosaic art, and, retiring to Spain in 2001, finally found the time to pursue her passion for mixed media mosaics.


Always searching for different materials and tesserae, for her mosaics, she used smalti, and realised she needed instruction in the application of this stunning glass.  In Febuary 2010, Valerie travelled to Venice, Italy, to stay at the unique Domus Orsoni, and to study at the Angelo Orsoni Foundry where she received her Masters Certificate.  This, for Valerie, was the ultimate.

Valerie is a member of S.A.M.A.

The Society of American Mosaic Artists.